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Watching your favourite team is now that little bit more enjoyable with sports betting markets now available on many if not all sporting events. Betting on all Australian Football codes is popular during the minor round with future bet types available on leading goalkicker and competition best and fairest winners. Sports betting is available daily with a host of betting option available. Everything from straight out bets, handicap betting or multi betting is available.

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Sports Betting

Thoroughbred horse racing betting is a popular pastime for many Australian's who try to beat the bookie on a daily or weekly basis. The Melbourne Cup stops a nation on the first Tuesday in November ever year, the betting on this two mile handicap breaks records with each running of the event. Betting on 'The Sport of Kings' is available in each state of Australia on day or night meetings, thanks to online betting web sites.

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Horse Racing

Playing lotteries is one way people strike it rich when their favourite numbers drop from the barrel. Lotteries are played all over the world with Australian Lotteries a popular form of gambling played several times a week. Players mark down their favourite numbers or get a "Quick Pick", "Auto-Pick", "Easi-Pick" or "Slikpik" depending on which state they are playing in.

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Keno games are played throughout Australia through lottery organisations, Casinos and registered clubs in New South Wales. Keno is similar to your normal lottery or bingo game in that you select a number or numbers, between 1 and 20. You can choose your own numbers or the computer to make a random selection of numbers with you just picking how many numbers you wish to play.

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The Mater Prize Home Draws raises funds for the Mater Children's Hospital. You can buy a $2 ticket in this Queensland home lottery and know that your donation not only gives you the chance to win a new home with all the modern accessories but that your money is going to a worthwhile cause. You can invest in the health of Australian kids by buying tickets for this lottery online.

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Prize Homes

You can visit an Australian Casino in every state with Australia boasting thirteen casinos throughout the country. Each casino has an abundance of the latest in video gaming machines and other casino games of chance including table games, craps, roulette, and baccarat. Games of skill such as blackjack and poker are also available for to those staying or visiting these luxurious entertainment centres.

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